Lambing course 24 March, 10:00 – 4:00 Brynmawr Farm SY7 8QU

Brynmawr Farm is a special farm. Through care farming, we at Brynmawr aim for individuals to realise their full potential, whatever disadvantages life has thrown at them. We believe that engaging with and caring for animals, tending to plants and vegetables and performing simple productive tasks can help an individual to address their emotional, social and educational needs, growing and learning through farm activities.
If you are interested in the course or the Care Farm, or just a farm visit, please get in touch with me on 01588 630666. Go to to find out more about Brynmawr.
The course will cover:
• Looking for the signs of lambing from the ewes  • Presentation of lambs  • How and when to assist  • Problems in lambing  • What to do immediately after birth with the lamb and ewe  • Hypothermia  • Ewe and lamb diseases and problems  • Fostering  • Feeding lambs
• Preparation for lambing  • Why we scan  • Care of the ewe pre-lambing
Care Farm, Brynmawr

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